The café at TurF downtown location by Waissbluth Architecture Office



Vancouver, BC

After opening their first location in Kitsilano in 2018, Turf – a lifestyle concept focussed on wellness and fitness – opened its doors to its second location in Coal Harbour.

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One of the challenges of this 6,000 sf project was to keep as much as possible the existing material (terrazzo floor, concrete columns and concrete ceiling), only adding additional materials to highlight the existing ones.

Like it's westside sister, this new location in the downtown core was designed to be a community hub with three distinct areas: a cafe, a retail shop, and a fitness/event space.

As the main entry point of the space, the design of the café communicates the identity of the business by using design elements aligned with the aesthetics of the established brand such as subtle triangular oak millwork along the bar, as well as lighting and colours intended to bring calm and joy.

TurF café space designed with lighting and colours that intend to communicate joy and calm to visitors

Turf's fitness room is treated in a simple style with a feature wall painted by Vancouver artist Scott Sueme. Materials carry from room to room in order to create a link between the different spaces. Simple yet functional design choices elevate conventional locker room ambiance.

Design details at TurF were arrived at after a careful study of wayfinding and circulation patterns between rooms in order to create a unified, lively and dynamic space.

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